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As you may already know, most residential garage doors come with some type of lock on it already. These locks are there to ensure that everything inside your garage and home stay safe and secure. One thing that you may not realize though is that the lock that originally comes with your garage door should be replaced immediately. Most of these locks are not resistant to picking, hammering, or some other type of attack. If you are in the market for a new garage door lock, here is a little help. This information was actually gathered from law enforcement and security personnel.

If you have an overhead garage that rolls up or tilts up, you should think about securing them with some type of bolt or padlock. These should be installed approximately a fourth of an inch above the roller in the center of the track. These measurements should be taken when the garage door is closed. You could also choose a padlock and bolt combination. The bolt will extend into the metal sleeve and recess into the driveway by a few inches. If you choose this type of combination you will want to ensure that you do install it correctly and that the screws are not exposed. If the screws are exposed then anyone could grab a screwdriver and undo them.

When you are looking at different garage door type locks, you will want to make sure that you are choosing one that works with your existing automatic door closer, remote, and alarm systems. There are many different types of locks and brands on the market today. There is no reason to visit the store multiple times and returning items when you could easily just check for the brand of your door before you leave. If you have problems figuring out if the lock will work with your garage, any professional should be able to help you. They should be able to look up different brands that will work for you. They will also be able to help you find the most secure lock for your home.

Before you attach your new lock, you will also want to make sure that all the other parts of your garage door are working properly. These parts include the hinges, rollers, tracks, handles, etc. are all working correctly. If you see any problems you should contact a St. Paul garage door professional in your area. Any professional should be able to fix any problems you may have found. If you are unsure about what might need fixing, you should have a technician come out and inspect your garage door.